Story Creation

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Met criteria

|   Understand the role of emotion in storytelling.

The Three-Act Structure helped me to make a protagonist where I can trigger specific emotions to the readers. However, triggering a predetermined emotion through an actual prototype was a difficult challenge in the timespan that I had. After making the prototype I realized how emotions impact my storytelling in order to excite the audience. I hope my video pinpoints whenever certain emotions will be triggered 😅

|   Understand the essentials of transmedial storytelling and apply these essentials in a transmedial story.

Before attending this course, I've watched a movie that uses computer screens to tell an exciting story. It was a unique point of view and usage of media (and the way they filmed it). Moreover, it got me inspired to apply that media for this course. Now looking back at the criteria, I understand how much impact transmedial storytelling has on your audience.

|   Create a protagonist with clear internal and external goal.

This criteria was in the second given assignment at the story creation course. I rewrote the initial story three times to find internal and external goals that would portray the human aspects of the protagonist. It would've been pretty hard to create these goals on my own, so that's why I'm glad I learned about creating 'humanlike' goals.

|   Unroll a transmedial story into different media with a clear goal for each medium.

I've created the textual proposal with the initial idea that the protagonist's computer an mobile is being showed in a video. She'll look at (old) messages, photos, videos and snapchats in order to trigger specific emotions or to clearify the story. In the prototype video, I was only able to show the chat messages and photos part.

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Dull or Dare

Maartje does an internship at her local hospital when she hears a little girl, named Lilly, crying over her father who is in a coma. They are planning of making a vlog video about all the things her father missed out. So every time when Maartje is done with her shift, she goes to Lilly’s house in secret. Lilly’s stepmother isn’t approving of Maartje’s visits and tries to make her life harder. What they don’t know is that stepmother is keeping a secret from Lilly.

Here you can find my video prototype. Click the button for the proposal. This includes a short overview, general idea of all necessarily key elements, the Three-Act Structure and script used for the prototype.


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Reflection on this course

During the first stage of making the protagonist and proposal, I've had such a blast! Story Creation contained very cool workshops, which helped me giving a story more structure and understanding.
For example, we've done a class where separate groups received one sentence. Based on that, we've created a very cool story about an evil AI that downloads automatically on your phone and convinces you to go on a journey and kill someone. It was pretty awesome!

The fun-level decreases while creating the actual prototype. I didn't have the opportunity to work out all the concrete scenes and emotions like I had in mind. Also, making a 13-minute prototype of only chatting was very frustrating, because it took WAY too long. It is also unclear whenever my story and intended emotions are understandable for the audience. The prototype video was also made at the same time as the concrete chat script.

Making the protagonist was the coolest thing to do. Brainstorming one (based on the course content) allows your creativity to go wild. It also constructs a solid base for the actual story. However, I experienced that creating the Three-Act Structure gives more body to the protagonist. So I started making the protagonist and Three-Act Structure all together in order to construct the story.
Triggering a predetermined emotion was my next challenge after making the body of the story. That was pretty hard when making the prototype on your own in such timespan because I was uncertain if my message received the audience the way I intended to.